I love being outside, especially in the summer. However, this year’s pandemic has meant that my usual opportunities to enjoy fresh air such as festivals and traveling have been unavailable to me due to social distancing.

Luckily, I have been able to go camping with my family which has been really nice. Below are 3 gadgets that allowed me to take some home comforts along on our trip.

Aeropress Coffee maker

I’m a coffee addict. In fact, I drink so much coffee that I suffer mild withdrawal symptoms if I don’t have. my cup in the morning. This is why it’s important that I’m able to make a cup of quality coffee no matter where I am in the world!

On my last few trips, I’ve been using the AeroPress Go Travel Coffee maker and I’ve fallen in love. The device genuinely makes coffee that taste’s as good as it does at home. Unlike most portable coffee makers, the Aeropress brews coffee using pressure. The result is a brew that avoids a watery consistency and is rich in taste

What sets the AeroPress Go Travel apart from other portable coffee presses? The Aeropress Go Travel is super portable. It’s designed to travel and its body holds all the accessories you need (including stirrer, scoop and filters). Also, its lid also functions as a cup. Despite its small size it still holds 8 ounces of coffee which is enough to fill a large mug.

Dynavap M 2020

This year, after several years trying, I have finally given up smoking. I have dry herb vaporizers to thank for this year’s successful attempt. Dry herb vaporizers provide the feeling of smoking without the negative effects. Because no combustion takes place in a vaporizer, users do not ingest the toxic and carcinogenic plant matter.

However, The difficulty with taking a vaporizer camping is that if you’re a heavy smoker, the batteries rarely last longer than a morning. Luckily, I discovered the manual dry herb vaporizer, the Dynavap M.

Instead of being powered by electricity, the Dynavap works by holding a flame to the cap that holds your herbs. This then produces smooth vapour from your herbs.

What sets the Dynavap m 2020 apart from the competition: Most manual vaporizers utilise either conduction or convection vaping technology. Conduction vaporizers have the benefit of being powerful whilst some believe convection to be the most efficient. On the other hand, The Dynavap range of vaporizers is unique due to the fact that they utilise both which provides the best of both worlds.

Biolite CampStove 2

There’s something soothing about being in the wilderness and sitting under the stars with your family warms around a nice warm fire. However, unless you’re a skilled camper, started a fire from scratch with flint and with available biomass can be quite tricky. This is why I use backpacking stoves and the best in this category is the Biolite CampStove 2.

The BioLite uses patented combustion technology to create smokeless flames. Best of all, it uses the available wood you can find which will save you having to carry heavy gas canisters.

What sets the Biolite CampStove 2 apart from its competition: Not only does the Biolite effortlessly produce warmth and heat from sticks and twigs; it also generates electricity too. This means that after you finish cooking your meal, you can charge your phone and take pictures of it!