3 IN 1, ULTRA-COMPACT, MADE OF MEMORY FOAM: This pillow changes to the rhythm of your needs: easily transforming into a neck pillow, a compact travel pillow, and a soft pillow topper.
A PILLOW THAT ADAPTS TO YOU: A travel pillow must be comfortable. To do so, we approached the design in a unique way, by using the padding similar to that of a high-end mattress. Memory Foam takes the shape of your head, guaranteeing exceptional sleep.
A CUSHION THAT TRAVELS AS FAR AS YOU DO: Omni Pillow is compact, it folds to the size of a mango, so it does not clutter up your luggage. The Omni Pillow also can attach to your backpack, taking up minimal space inside.
ROAD TEST: Omni Pillow does not create any hassle, use it wherever you like. Its outer shell is stain-resistant and water-resistant. Its internal lycra lining is removable, washable, and anti-fraying.
DESIGNED AND MADE IN ITALY: Omni Pillow meets high quality standards, contains tested and hypoallergenic components. It is beautiful, smart and knows how to provide relaxation in every situation. Exactly what you would expect of an Italian made product.

Available at amazon.com for $89.00