Adult Sized Venus Fly Trap

Say goodbye to the nuisance of having to get rid of bugs by swatting or trying to guide them out of the house and, instead, go full on nature on their a** by bringing in an Adult Sized Venus Flytrap to take care of the dirty work.

You can rest assured that the Venus Fly Trap from JoelsCarnivorousPlants are very well taken care of and grown to adult sized, and once you receive it, you also receive everything you need to keep it growing and healthy, including well though-out instructions.

FYI, as JoelsCarnivorousPlants specifies, if you were to grow a Venus Fly Trap yourself (assuming you would grow it correctly), by using a seed kit, you would have to grow it for 2.5-3 years – so they take the waiting out.

With this adorable carnivorous plant you’ll not only get rid of annoying bugs, but i̶t̶ she, we’ll call her Stacy, because it’s a cute name, also adds an air of nature to your house and it’ll most certainly impress everyone visiting.

Available at for $16.95