• iSommelier Smart decanter with simple touch controls reduce long decanting times from 1-4 hrs to seconds and transports wine to a stage of maturity. Also lets you have a control of the serving temp
  • Revolutionary molecular air filtration system removes any impurities moisture, dust, odors and isolates oxygen from nitrogen, CO2 enhancing the wine’s aromas and smooths out any roughness and tannins
  • Purified concentrated oxygen diffuses evenly from the base of the 750 ml glass decanter. Oxygenation provides a smoother feel and Wine reaches maturity that would otherwise require years of cellaring
  • Using the control dial, it’s simple to set the appropriate decanting time for your wine. You can start, pause and stop the decanting process with ease. Size: 9.6″ x 7.4″ x 18.2″ AC 100v-240V 50/60Hz
  • Can also operate with rechargeable battery (sold separately) which offers the convenience to take the iSommelier anywhere you wish without having to connect to a power supply with 1 Hr operating time

Available at amazon.com for $472.99