The Ascending Evil Climbing Skeleton Wall Sculpture is just in case you were curious what it would look like to throw a skeleton up against the wall in a hot blaze of passion and take it from behind. The arched back, the seductive glance over its shoulder…curiosity fulfilled.

And for those wondering what a skeleton humping a door would look like…there you go too.

I don’t see much Ascending Evil in this skeleton, but it does give me the chuckles every time I look at it, and could be a fun Halloween prank mounted in my friend Cornelius’ shower. Cornelius is always looking to jump someone’s bones.

In case it wasn’t clear from the photos, the Climbing Skeleton Wall Sculpture is a torso-up piece that hangs by keyhole slots. Bony dimensions are 20″ tall x 21″ wide x 6″ deep.

Available at for $240.17