REAL-TIME AIR QUALITY MONITOR – constantly monitors the environment around you, accurately measuring humidity, temperature, a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and harmful gases, like Carbon Monoxide (CO).

MOBILE APP – Atmotube connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. All real-time measurements of the air parameters are accessible from the app on your smartphone. You can add your personal indicators to a Global Air Quality Map which is available for everyone.

PORTABLE & WEARABLE: first truly personal, most affordable and most compact air quality tracker which you can always take with you.

DURABLE & STYLISH – solid titanium coated body makes Atmotube resistant to damages. This urban style device will be an excellent addition to your normal lifestyle.

CARES ABOUT YOU: alerts you every time when the air is not safe. Helps you to make the right decisions every day and live healthier, taking care of you and your loved ones.

Available at for $99.00