Automaton clocks originate not from a love of steampunk or time, gears at work or the inner workings of machines – though one of those may be the reason you’re drawn to them. Automaton roots are practical: one day, their creators, Wood & Rot, quit their jobs, bought a van, and started driving. Along the way, they found wood. So they picked it up and used it to make some lamps.

Now Wood & Rot has a workshop near a forest outside of Moscow. They’ve expanded their business, and their materials, incorporating plastic and metal into pieces of home decor, neon signs, and the swell clocks you see here.

The clocks are called Automaton after the dictionary definition of the word, “a self-operating machine, or a machine or control mechanism designed to follow automatically a predetermined sequence of operations, or respond to predetermined instructions.” The Automaton featured above is Wood & Rot’s Bite 1682. It has moving gears made of Baltic birch wood and secured with handcrafted brass screws.

All Automaton clocks are made of multiple layers of Baltic birch, and usually wood stained and acrylic painted, with a finish of natural beeswax.

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