TOUCHLESS FAUCET ADAPTER: By simply installing Autowater on your current faucet, you can turn your faucet into a touchless, smart device. With its power sensors, Autowater detects almost anything, your hands, kitchen supplies, even your pets. Autowater allows you to turn on and off the water with a simple move, it saves your time on daily tasks and reduces contact with germs and dirt.

ECONOMICAL: Autowater is affordable compared to other touchless faucets, and it prevents the unnecessary waste of throwing away your current faucet. What’s more, with its water control system, Autowater helps to save your expenses on water by reducing 65% of the faucet’s water consumption.

RELIABLE: Adjustable sensing ranges minimizes random switching on/off of water. Time-up protections stops water automatically when you forget to turn it off, The built-in rechargeable battery can last up to 8 months, when is fully charged.

USER-FRIENDLY: 6 types of adapters fit Autowater with most kitchen faucets. Easy DIY Installation requires no extra expense on plumbing. Magnetic charging cable makes charging easier. Sensor for LED night light provides better vision at night.

REMINDER: If you have any questions about how to use Autowater or issues about the quality of Autowater, Please contact us on Amazon or reach us through the email address on the last page of the product introduction. We will help you.

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