• Easy-Touch Music Remote – Never fumble with your phone or touch sensitive earbuds again, the Chubby Buttons Bluetooth music remote features big buttons to control your tunes even when wearing gloves or mittens.
  • Change Music, Take Selfies – Compatible with all music apps, ALL headphones (wired and wireless), and bluetooth speakers. No need to download any apps, just pair it and go! Easily pause and play tunes, skip tracks forward or backward, turn sound up or down and take selfies remotely.
  • Rugged, All-Weather Use – This smartphone remote is water resistant to make it tough enough to outlast snowy slopes, rain-soaked runs and steamy bathrooms, making it ideal for action sports or active lifestyles.
  • All-Season Battery Life – Lasts and lasts, this smartphone remote control helps save phone battery life in cold weather and keeps working through every bike ride, powder session, and rugged hiking adventure.
  • Wearable or Wall-Stick Convenience – Wear it w/ armband over big winter coats, attach it to backpack w/ lanyard or stick its nano-suction backing to showers, mirrors, car radios and more!

Available at amazon.com for $49.99