“Welcome to fucking Deadwood!” Al Swearengen’s curse-filled rants in HBO’s short-lived and too-soon-ended series Deadwood were a poetic introduction to the gold rush of the mid to late 1800s. And as the final season rushed through the arrival and departure of antagonist George Hearst and his epic battle with Al, Seth Bullock and the other locals of the small but up-and-coming South Dakota town, loyal viewers were left wanting more. But HBO fucked us just like they did with Rome. Promises of movies have come and gone. I have to just let it go man.

Perhaps this Kickstarter board game promise could help fill the void. Deadwood 1876: A Safe-Robbing Game of Teamwork & Betrayal has already raised in excess of $150k, shooting past it’s initial $25,000 goal with plenty of time to spare. It looks like this promise will get fulfilled. Probably…it is Kickstarter after all. Facade Games, run by husband and wife team Travis & Holly Hancock, does have a sterling KS track record and specializes in board games, so I’ll check my skepticism at the door.

The game is one of social deduction, fit for 2 to 9 players 13 and up. During 20- to 40-minute playing sessions you’ll work with your teammates to find and hoard gold. But once the “winning” team emerges, Deadwood 1876 turns into a dog-eat-dog game, and teammates will have to fight each other – physically, to the death – to determine the real winner. Huh. Sounds a lot like corporate America.


Available at amazon.com for $23