• PERFECT ADJUSTABLE CUSHIONING: The ring shape distributes body weight evenly on your sit-bones with no pressure on the perineum to help relieve post partum Hemorrhoids pelvic prostate perineal post surgery cyst pregnancy bruised coccyx and anal pain. It reduces pain allows rapid healing and provides air circulation where you need it most!
  • ADJUSTABLE COMFORT – Because you can adjust pressure easily you can quickly and effortlessly achieve the comfort you need. The cushion molds to your body and is non-slip.
  • EASY TO INFLATE & DEFLATE – So you can rely on it whenever and wherever you need it – 100% Guaranteed and 6 Month Warranty
  • SMALL AND DISCRETE – Discrete Grey color. Folds down small so you can carry it easily and take it everywhere you need more comfort or relief – then blow it up with the pump for travel plane seat cars train bus stadiums office chair theater truck drivers… Great for Men and Women. We use it on the airplane always!
  • DURABLE AND HYGIENIC – Made from tough material to resist wear and tear and puncturing. No Odor. 100% Guaranteed. Comes with 6 month Warranty.

Available at amazon.com for $13.99