A Dumpsty Dumpster is a real steel desktop-sized dumpster for you to throw all the shit you get from your boss / wife / mama in. It even comes with authentic dumpster warning sign magnets and 2 rubber lids in your choice of 7 colors.

Dumpsty creator David makes detailed scaled models out of metal. All replicas aim to precisely recreate the original in a downsized version. The dumpsters measure around 11″ across, and so make good fits for storing magazines, studio supplies, and things that start with “wee.” Like…uh…a wee little lucky leprechaun.

Desktop dumpsters have dual hinged lids held in place by the same dog-ear hinging system preferred by your local waste management firm. If you don’t like the raw steel look, you can also opt for a Dumpsty in Blue, Black, or Green. The artistically incline might want to spray paint their desktop dumpster to further accentuate its artfulness.

Available at amzn.com for $195