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Effortless Waves: NOVUS Waver Curling Iron Review – Create Perfect Styles in Seconds!

Effortless Waves: NOVUS Waver Curling Iron Review – Create Perfect Styles in Seconds!

Welcome to our latest product review blog post! Today, we are excited to introduce the NOVUS Waver Curling Iron, the ultimate styling tool for achieving effortless waves in seconds. With its innovative design and advanced features, this hair crimper is a game-changer for anyone looking to add volume and texture to their hair.

The 2 barrel system of the NOVUS Waver creates beautiful wavy styles that are sure to turn heads. The anti-scald technology ensures that you can style your hair without the fear of burning yourself, giving you peace of mind. And with its rapid heating feature, you won’t have to wait long to achieve salon-quality results.

What sets the NOVUS Waver apart is its versatility. With 4 temperature settings and dual voltage capabilities, this curling iron can be used on any hair type and anywhere in the world. Whether you have thick, thin, or curly hair, this hair waver will transform your locks into wide, deep waves that are simply breathtaking.

Say goodbye to hours spent in front of the mirror and hello to effortless, gorgeous waves with the NOVUS Waver Curling Iron. Try it out for yourself and see why we can’t get enough of this amazing hair tool!

Welcome to our product review blog post, where we’ll be sharing our first-hand experience with the ⁢NOVUS Waver Curling Iron Anti-Scald⁤ Hair Crimper. As ‌avid ​hair enthusiasts, we are ‍always on the lookout ⁣for innovative styling⁣ tools that ⁢can help us achieve‌ the perfect waves effortlessly. This particular curling iron caught our⁢ attention with its impressive features, including ‌rapid heating, adjustable temperatures,‍ and an anti-scald design. Join ⁣us as we delve into the details and share our thoughts on this hair crimper that promises wide and‌ deep waves with ease.

Table ​of Contents

Overview of⁣ the NOVUS Waver ​Curling Iron ‍Anti-Scald Hair ‍Crimper

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The NOVUS Waver Curling Iron Anti-Scald⁢ Hair ⁢Crimper is ⁢a‌ game-changer when it comes to effortlessly creating beautiful waves. With ⁤its anti-static ceramic ​coating splint and rapid 30-second heating, our hair crimper allows you to achieve ​perfect waves in just a matter of seconds. The S-shaped curved design with⁣ 2 barrels ‍makes it easy to clamp your hair and create two stunning 32mm rolls. Say goodbye to time-consuming styling ⁢methods – the Novus curling ‌wand saves you precious​ time and delivers shiny waves ⁤that will turn heads.

Featuring LED lights that display 4 adjustable temperatures, the Novus‍ hair crimper is suitable for ‍all​ hair types. The temperature ranges from 320℉ for⁣ fine ‍and soft hair to ‌440℉ ‌for ⁣thick ⁣and hard​ hair. The 360° rotation cable‍ allows you to adjust the direction of the splint, making it incredibly user-friendly. Worried about leaving the curling iron‍ on after use? Don’t ‌be! The Novus dual ⁣voltage hair crimper curling ‌iron has ⁣a 30-minute auto shut-off feature,‍ ensuring safety and peace⁤ of mind. The silicone anti-scald design on the top of the ⁢hair crimper prevents any accidental burns, and the ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip ⁤for effortless styling.

We take ‍pride in our product⁢ and offer excellent warranty service. We offer a ⁣free refund for⁤ any quality problem within 30 days, as well as free replacements for damaged or missing parts within 24 months ⁢after⁤ purchase.⁣ We⁢ stand behind our products 100% and are always ready to assist ​you with any problems or provide fast warranty⁤ exchanges. Our team of professional stylists is⁢ on hand to‌ offer usage tips ​and support, ensuring that your ⁤styling experience is nothing short of amazing. Don’t miss ⁢out on this incredible ‌hair crimper – ⁣click ⁤the link below to get yours on Amazon and experience the magic for⁤ yourself.

Highlighting the Features and Aspects of ⁣the NOVUS Waver

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  • 30s Fast⁤ Heating, Create Perfect ​Waves Easily: The NOVUS Waver features an anti-static‍ ceramic ​coating splint that heats up in just 30 seconds. With its unique⁣ S-shaped curved design and 2 barrels, you can effortlessly create two perfect ​32mm rolls in just 5⁤ seconds. ⁣This curling iron​ saves ⁤you precious time and leaves you with shiny, beautiful waves.

  • LED Lights⁣ Display 4 Adjustable Temperatures: Suitable ​for⁢ all hair types,⁤ the NOVUS Waver offers‌ 4 temperature adjustments. Set it to 320℉ for fine and soft hair, 360℉/400℉ for normal hair,⁤ and 440℉ for ‌thick and​ hard⁤ hair. ‌The curling iron ⁣also features a 360°rotation cable, allowing you‍ to ‌adjust the direction of the splint as you⁤ desire.

  • 30 Minutes ⁤Auto Shut off & Anti-scald Design:‌ Worried ⁣about leaving your curling iron on? ‌Don’t‌ be. The NOVUS ⁤Waver has⁢ a‌ 30-minute auto​ shut off function, ensuring safety and ⁤peace of mind. The ⁣top ‌of the ​hair‍ crimper is ⁤designed⁢ with a silicone anti-scald ⁣feature to‌ protect your fingers from burns.⁣ Its ⁤ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip for ease of use.

  • Warranty Service: We are committed to your satisfaction and offer a free refund ‍for any quality issues within 30 days of purchase. Additionally,‍ we provide free replacements for damaged or missing⁢ parts within 24 months. Our customer service team is always available to assist you with​ any⁢ problems, ⁤warranty‍ exchanges,​ or⁤ usage tips ‍from professional stylists.

  • 6000W Negative ⁤Ions Universal Dual Voltage Hair Crimper: The NOVUS Waver utilizes PTC technology and over 60,000,000 negative⁣ ions to‌ minimize hair damage. It⁣ smooths away frizz, ⁤adds smoothness and‌ shine, and ⁢protects your hair during use. This ‍curling iron⁣ is also dual⁣ voltage (110V-220V), making ⁢it suitable for international travel.

If you’re looking for a high-quality curling ‌iron that heats ‌up⁢ quickly, creates perfect waves, and offers various temperature settings, the NOVUS Waver ⁣is a fantastic choice. With its convenient auto shut off feature and anti-scald design, you⁢ can style your hair safely and effortlessly. Don’t miss out on this amazing‌ product – check ‍it out on ‌Amazon here.

Providing Detailed Insights into⁤ the ⁣Performance of the NOVUS Waver Curling Iron

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Looking to create ‍perfect waves effortlessly? Look no further than the NOVUS⁣ Waver​ Curling Iron. This hair crimper features ‌a unique S-shaped curved ⁣design with 2 barrels, allowing you ‌to effortlessly create‍ two perfect⁤ 32mm rolls in just 5 ‍seconds. The anti-static ceramic coating splint ensures fast⁣ heating in just 30 seconds, saving you precious time. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to shiny⁤ waves with this innovative hair crimper.⁤

The ⁢NOVUS Waver Curling Iron offers 4 adjustable temperatures, making ⁣it suitable for all hair types. Whether you have fine and soft hair or thick and hard hair, this curling iron has the perfect temperature setting for you. The LED lights ⁢display ‍allows for easy temperature monitoring and adjusting. Additionally,‌ the 360° rotation⁢ cable ensures‌ convenient usage, allowing you to adjust the ​direction of the ‌splint as desired.

Safety is a‌ top priority with‌ the NOVUS Waver‍ Curling Iron. ⁣This‌ curling iron features⁣ a ​30-minute auto shut off ​function, giving you peace of mind⁤ even if you ⁢forget to turn it⁢ off. The silicone anti-scald design ⁢on the ⁤top of the ⁣hair⁤ crimper prevents burning fingers, while the ‌ergonomic ⁣design ensures a comfortable grip. ‍Traveling⁣ abroad? No problem! The NOVUS Waver Curling⁤ Iron is dual voltage, making it suitable‌ for use anywhere in the world. ⁢

With our ‍warranty service, you‍ can ⁤shop with confidence. We offer a free refund⁤ for any quality issues within 30 days, ⁤as well as free replacements for damaged or​ missing parts‌ within ‌24 months of purchase. We stand behind our ⁣products 100% and are always available to provide fast warranty ​exchange,‌ support, or usage tips ‌from professional stylists. Don’t miss out on ⁢creating your perfect waves – check out‌ the NOVUS Waver Curling ⁤Iron today!

Get ⁢the NOVUS Waver ‌Curling​ Iron ⁤now ⁣ and say hello to flawless waves!

Specific Recommendations for ⁢the NOVUS Waver‍ Curling Iron

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When it comes to creating perfect waves easily, the NOVUS Waver Curling Iron⁤ is ‍a⁤ game-changer. The anti-static ceramic ⁤coating splint ​heats‍ up in ​just 30 seconds, allowing you to⁤ effortlessly achieve two ‌flawless 32mm⁣ rolls in a matter of seconds. Say goodbye to long hours spent styling your‌ hair and ‌hello ‌to ‍shiny, gorgeous ‍waves in no⁢ time.

One of⁤ the standout features of the NOVUS Waver Curling ​Iron is its ⁤LED lights display with four adjustable temperatures. This makes it suitable for all‌ hair types, whether ‍you have fine and soft hair ⁢or thick and hard hair. Choose from temperatures ranging from 320℉ ​to 440℉, ensuring that you can customize the ‍heat settings to match your specific styling needs. The‍ 360° rotation cable adds to the convenience, allowing you to adjust the⁤ direction of the splint effortlessly.

Safety ⁣is a top⁢ priority with the NOVUS​ Waver Curling Iron. The curling ​iron comes with a 30-minute auto shut-off feature, giving you peace of mind if you accidentally forget⁣ to turn⁣ it off. This‍ not only ⁤prevents potential fire hazards⁢ but also ⁤keeps your‍ life and property⁤ safe. Additionally, the silicone anti-scald design ⁢on⁢ the top of the hair⁤ crimper ensures that you ⁢won’t‍ burn your fingers while styling. The ergonomic design of⁣ the iron also provides a comfortable ⁢grip, ⁤making styling ​effortless and enjoyable.

We also ⁤want ⁤to highlight the excellent warranty service‍ offered by NOVUS. They provide a free refund‌ for ⁢any quality⁢ problem within 30‌ days of purchase, as well as​ free⁣ replacements for damaged or missing⁢ parts‌ within 24 months. With their commitment to customer satisfaction, ‍you can trust that they stand behind their products 100%. If you ever⁤ encounter any issues or need professional styling tips, their support team is always ready to ‍assist you.

If ⁢you’re⁣ ready to level up your hairstyling game and achieve flawless waves effortlessly, ​the ⁢NOVUS Waver Curling⁤ Iron is ⁢the perfect choice for you. Don’t miss out on this amazing ⁢tool ​–‍ click here to get yours now.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing several customer reviews, we found that ‍the NOVUS Waver Curling Iron has received overwhelmingly positive feedback ‌from users.​ Here, we have summarized the key points mentioned by customers:

Review Customer Opinion

I love this wave iron. It’s easy ‍to use ⁤and heats up quickly. It gives ​so much shine ‍and‌ smooth waves. I highly ‌recommend this wave iron. It’s a great value.


Love the beach ‍wave​ this creates⁣ and it heats quick. Because the opening isn’t too wide – your hand doesn’t get⁤ tired holding the clamp. ⁣Highly recommend. I do pray it lasts years.


Works great on my ⁤medium length ‌hair. Easy to use‍ & ‍holds the waves longer‍ than my 3 barrel wave iron. Personally, I ⁣think this ‍one creates softer⁤ waves⁤ that I prefer.


I⁤ really tried to like ‌it! I used it⁣ quite a ‌few times ⁢with the​ same ⁢results. My hair is shoulder ⁢length fine hair. The wave just would not stay ⁢after trying many times.⁣ Just goes flat within hours. I give ‌up! I give this one a thumbs down.


Works well! Heard⁢ up quick!


I shopped around for quite‍ a while and read a lot of reviews on deep wavers/crimpers ‍fmuntil ‍I found this⁤ deep waver and what a great‍ purchase it turned out to be! With waist-length‍ hair, I do my hair in many different‍ styles, mainly‌ because⁤ I don’t wash my hair every day due to hard water dryness and build-up, and I don’t like to use a ​lot of ‌heat on‌ it‍ very often. There are those ⁣days in between washes when I ⁣have to​ hide⁢ that ‍”not ⁢so​ fresh” look. Dry shampoo⁤ works great, ‌but I still have to do ⁤half updos and such because, with the heaviness of product build-up, my hair tends to look⁢ a bit limp and oily. This is why I⁤ bought⁢ this deep‌ waver. It was real easy‍ to use. I ⁢love the fact that I can hold the outer part of‍ it without burning my hand, and it gives my hair the volume‍ it needs ‌on those unwashed days. The waves are beautiful!!⁤ I can’t wait‍ to use it on freshly washed‌ hair.‍ I’m sure I’ll have even⁢ more volume then.This is a ‍definite buy if you’re looking for great ⁢waves ⁤and⁢ ease of use at⁤ an affordable price!*Note: ‌My hair was due for a wash today (it⁤ had a week’s worth⁤ of ⁣product ‌in it) but I had too ‍many things ​to do before I ⁢could ​wash it and let it air dry (I never blow ⁤dry ​it).​ Forgive‌ the lighting too. As you can see, I’m in ⁣the middle of growing my silvers out, but the‍ picture I took of the back of my hair looks dark. It’s the⁤ same‌ day ‌though,⁤ just different areas‍ of the ‍house. ​Waves galore, though!


Easy to use, heats up fast & comes with a glove & clips. ⁤Very similar to Babe​ Waves (but much less $).‍ I’m extremely happy! Perfect for short⁣ hair too!


Lightweight, nice waves


Overall, ‍the NOVUS Waver Curling Iron has received positive feedback from the majority of customers. Users love how easy it is to use, and they appreciate its rapid heating capability. The iron provides smooth and shiny waves, with many customers ⁤mentioning ​how it holds⁢ the waves for an extended⁢ period of⁣ time compared to other wave⁣ irons. Additionally, customers with short hair also found this‍ curling iron to be ⁣a great fit for their styling needs.

However, there​ is‍ one negative‌ review from a customer with shoulder-length fine hair who struggled to⁤ get the waves⁤ to ‌stay ⁣in their hair.⁣ Despite this, the majority⁢ of users​ have had positive experiences with the NOVUS Waver Curling​ Iron.

In conclusion, this NOVUS Waver Curling Iron is highly recommended for those looking to effortlessly create beautiful waves, as it not only delivers great results⁢ but ​also includes additional accessories‌ such as a glove and⁣ clips for⁣ a​ convenient ⁢styling‌ experience.

Pros & Cons

Effortless Waves: NOVUS Waver Curling Iron Review – Create Perfect Styles in Seconds!插图5

  1. Fast heating: The NOVUS Waver Curling Iron heats up in just 30 seconds, ​allowing you to create perfect waves quickly and easily.

  2. Adjustable temperatures: With four temperature ⁤settings⁣ ranging from 320℉ to 440℉, this curling iron is ​suitable⁢ for all hair types, ensuring that you can achieve your desired ‌style.

  3. Auto shut off: The curling⁣ iron‍ has a built-in‍ 30-minute auto⁤ shut⁣ off feature, providing peace of mind and preventing‍ any ​accidents.

  4. Anti-scald design:⁤ The top ‌of the curling iron ⁢is made with a silicone anti-scald design, keeping your fingers safe from burns while styling.

  5. Dual voltage: The ⁢curling iron is equipped ‍with universal dual⁤ voltage (110V-220V), making⁣ it‌ convenient for travel and‌ use ⁣abroad.

  6. Warranty service: ⁢The manufacturer offers a ​30-day free refund for any quality issues, as⁢ well‍ as free replacements‌ for damaged or missing parts within 24 months.


  1. Product dimensions:‍ The NOVUS Waver ‍Curling Iron is quite large, measuring 13 x 4 x 4‌ inches and weighing 1.1 pounds. This might be cumbersome ⁢for some users, especially when ⁢traveling.

  2. FDA‍ disclaimer: The product​ description includes a‍ disclaimer stating that it has ​not ‌been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any‌ disease or health ​condition. This might raise concerns ⁣for some buyers.

Overall, the ⁢NOVUS Waver Curling Iron offers ‌fast heating, adjustable​ temperatures, safety​ features, and a warranty ​service. However, potential buyers should consider the product’s dimensions and ⁣the FDA disclaimer before making a purchase decision.


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Q: Is the NOVUS Waver Curling Iron easy to ⁣use?

A: Absolutely! The NOVUS Waver Curling Iron is ​designed to⁣ make styling effortless. With its anti-static ceramic coating and S-shaped curved design, you can create perfect waves in just seconds. Simply clamp your‌ hair and ⁣gently​ press, and voila! Two​ beautiful 32mm rolls are ⁣ready to ⁤go. This curling iron will save you time and give you shiny, salon-worthy waves with ease.

Q: Can I adjust the temperature‍ of the curling iron?

A: Yes, you can! The NOVUS Waver Curling Iron features an LED ‍lights display with four adjustable⁢ temperatures. It is suitable‍ for ​all hair ​types, with temperature settings ranging‍ from 320℉‌ for fine and ⁢soft hair, 360℉/400℉ for normal hair, and 440℉ ⁤for thick and hard hair. Plus, the 360° ‌rotation cable allows you to adjust the direction of⁤ the splint as you like, making it even easier to⁤ use.

Q: Is the⁤ curling iron safe to use?

A: Absolutely! The​ NOVUS​ Waver Curling Iron has several safety features to ensure⁣ a worry-free styling experience.⁢ It has a ⁤30⁣ minutes auto shut off function, which means it will automatically turn off after 30 minutes of inactivity, preventing ‍any potential ⁣fires and keeping you and your⁢ property safe. ‌Additionally, the top of the curling iron is designed ⁢with a ⁣silicone anti-scald feature ‍to protect​ your fingers ⁢from burns. The ergonomic design also ensures a comfortable ​grip during ​use.

Q: ‌What kind of warranty does the NOVUS⁣ Waver⁢ Curling Iron come with?

A: We are​ proud ⁢to‍ offer excellent warranty service for the NOVUS‌ Waver Curling Iron. ​We provide ‍a free ⁢refund for ⁢any quality ‍problems within 30​ days of purchase. ⁤Additionally, we offer free replacements for damaged or missing parts​ within 24 ⁤months after purchase. We ⁢stand behind our products 100% and are committed to providing exceptional⁤ after-sales support. If⁣ you have any⁣ issues, need help with warranty exchanges, or ⁣simply‌ need usage tips from ⁣a professional stylist, please don’t hesitate⁣ to reach out ⁤to us. We are always⁣ here ​to‍ assist you.

Q: Can I use the curling iron while traveling ‌abroad?

A: Absolutely! The NOVUS ⁤Waver ‌Curling Iron is designed with dual voltage (110V-220V),​ making it ‍suitable ⁤for⁣ use worldwide. ‍Whether you’re traveling to a different country or ‍simply need a​ curling ​iron that can ⁤adapt to different‍ voltage⁢ systems, ‌this curling iron has got ⁤you covered.

Q:⁢ Does the NOVUS Waver⁣ Curling Iron minimize hair damage?

A:‍ Yes, it does! The NOVUS ​Waver Curling Iron utilizes PTC technology ⁢and over 60 million negative‌ ions to minimize hair damage during use. It smoothes away frizz, adds smoothness, and enhances shine,⁣ giving⁤ you salon-quality results without ‍compromising the health ‌of‍ your hair. Say goodbye to‌ frizzy and ‍dull hair and hello to beautiful, healthy-looking waves.

Remember, statements ⁤regarding dietary supplements have not been‌ evaluated by the FDA⁣ and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any​ disease‍ or​ health⁣ condition.

Elevate ⁤Your‌ Lifestyle

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As we wrap up our review of the NOVUS Waver Curling ⁢Iron, we can confidently say that ⁢this hair crimper⁢ is a game-changer. With its innovative features‍ and top-notch performance, creating effortless waves has never been​ easier.

The 30-second fast ‍heating time‌ is a major timesaver.⁢ Gone are the days of⁣ waiting around for ⁤your styling tools to warm​ up. Simply clamp your⁢ hair and gently press, and voila! In just 5 seconds, you’ll have perfectly defined 32mm waves. ‌The result? Shiny, red-carpet-worthy hair in no time.

We’re also impressed by the LED lights display, which allows for easy temperature adjustments. Whether you have fine⁣ and soft hair, normal hair, or thick and hard hair, this ⁢curling iron ⁣has you covered.​ Plus, the 360° rotation cable⁢ gives you the freedom‌ to style your hair in any direction, making ⁤it a breeze ⁣to achieve your desired look.

Safety is always a top priority, and the NOVUS ‌Waver‍ Curling Iron doesn’t disappoint. With its 30-minute‌ auto shut off feature, you⁤ can say goodbye to ⁢those “Did I remember to unplug it?” moments. ​And thanks to the silicone anti-scald design, you can style your hair with confidence, knowing that your fingers will be protected ⁢from⁢ burns.

We’re also impressed by NOVUS’ commitment‌ to customer⁢ satisfaction. With a ⁣free refund for any quality problem within 30 ​days and ⁢free replacements for damaged or missing parts‌ within 24 months, they stand behind⁢ their product 100%. ‍And if ‌you ever need assistance⁣ or styling ⁤tips, their pro‍ stylists are always ready to help.

In conclusion, ⁢the NOVUS Waver Curling Iron is ⁢a ⁣must-have for anyone ‍looking to achieve ⁢flawless waves⁤ effortlessly. ⁣Join us in ‌taking your hairstyling game to the next level by clicking this link and getting your ‌own NOVUS Waver Curling Iron ⁣today: NOVUS Waver Curling⁢ Iron. Experience the ease, convenience, and beautiful‍ results for⁤ yourself. Happy styling!

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