• The Fireside Outdoor Ember Mat keeps popping embers and blowing ashes from damaging or polluting the ground around your fire pit or grill.
  • The Ember Mat Features Double-Coated Silicon Making The Mat Easy To Clean With Reflective Edging For Safety At Night.
  • At 5′ x 6′ (60″ x 72″), the Ember Mat gives excellent coverage for collecting the ashes, embers, or grease that can fall out of your fire pit or grill.
  • The Ember Mat can be used as a low impact fire pit/firepan such as the Pop-Up Pit and the Ember Mat to help leave your campsite as clean as you found it.
  • The Ember Mat meets any permit requirements for the Bureau Of Land Management, National Park Service, United States Forest Service.
  • Place the Ember Mat underneath your fire pit or grill before usage. Ensure the fire pit or grill is at least 4 inches above the Ember Mat.
  • Use your fire pit or grill as usual. Allow any embers time to cool before folding up the Ember Mat and storing.
  • Don’t build fires directly on the mat; prolonged exposure to this level of heat will shorten its life.
  • This Ember Mat is fire-resistant, not fireproof, uses common sense and caution, and always follow All Federal, State, and Local Regulations.

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