Fake Parking Tickets

Take out your anger on jerk drivers in the parking lot by getting sweet, sweet revenge. Give them a damn good scare by leaving them a fake parking ticket.

It’s a practical way of sticking it to them by giving them one hell of a scare, and a much better way than just leaving them a note.

When you’re pissed you may tend to just write about how inconsiderate they are and some swear words maybe, but not actual revenge – and if you realize this, you’ll be even more pissed.

What we find that actually works is getting revenge, and the fake parking tickets should do just that.

The parking tickets are for $100, they’re bright orange on one side, so they’ll recognize it from afar, and black & white on the other, and you can tick from a number of violations.

We all should have this awesome little accessory in our glove compartment, just for those special occasions.

Available at amazon.com for $14.95