It’s called Fast Strike and – whirwhack! – it’s gonna sting. The non-lethal self defense weapon looks like the antenna on the cordless phone my family had growing up. Which, coincidentally, also kinda hurt when someone (i.e., my mama) smacked you with it for leaving it under a pile of clothes instead of putting it back on the charger. But thanks to a spring steel cable reinforced striker, sized to focus big energy in a small area, the Fast Strike hurts a whole helluva lot more.

Fast Strike Defense says their weapon’s incredible power is accompanied by incredible speed, not just in terms of striking velocity, but also deployment time, and the ability to deliver blows in rapid succession.

Fast Strike requires no special training or techniques to be used as a self defense weapon, which is more than I can say for most of the self defense weapons we’ve seen around here. It weighs around 3 ounces, and while it doesn’t retract, the dude in the video recommends just shoving the business end down your pants and clipping its plastic handle to your waistband for easy Fast Strike EDC.

Available at for $22.95