Nevermind the girl, this wallet’s on fi-re! / This wallet’s on fi-re-erer-erer. / Looks like a bi-fold, but it’s in flames / Ashed my cash, melted all my cards / Guess you’ll have to pay.

Haha, gotcha! I’m not just a master parody lyricist, I’m also a magician! And this Flaming Fire Wallet is my latest magic trick. A fire cloth and flint layered between the standard cash slot and card pockets on the inside team up with a little bit of lighter fluid to ignite the wallet Zippo-style upon opening. Producing less of a wow than a freak-out effect, the Flaming Fire Wallet is yet another sweet prank to play on friends and co-workers.

Or use the wallet as a demonstration tool, presenting your wife and children with a visual representation of just how hard and fast they’re burning through your paychecks.

Available at for $15.99