The absolute top of the line in heated gloves. At FNDN we take our products very seriously and we have designed and developed our flagship “SnowPro”glove for over 2 years to get it just right. The FNDN SnowPro was built to withstand extreme conditions and provide heat when you need it most. These gloves are extremely warm without the heat feature turned on but are designed to keep you enjoying the outdoors all day long so turning on the heat with the simple push of a button will give you up to 5.5 hrs of warm relief.

  • Stainless core heating technology and a rechargeable 7.4V lithium ion batteries deliver heat for up to 5.5 hrs!
  • Touchscreen Fingertips work with Mobile devices & automobile touchscreens
  • Warmth without the bulk – 3M 200G Thinsulate insulation
  • Waterproof breathable HiPora® liner makes sure your hands not only stay warm but also dry
  • Zippered Storage Bag

Available at for $174.82 - $179.99