First Person View 1 – Control the vision of GEIO while driving into battle with your friends. View it in 1st person perspective with your smart device .Just the swipe of a finger ,a magnificent and FPV (first person view) experience is all yours.

First Person View 2 – With the FPV and built-in GEIO, you are able to precisely shoot your opponents as a First Person Shooter, and see exactly what GEIO sees in real time. It takes just seconds for you to immerse in the battlefield.

AI Technology – With AI recognition algorithm and newest robotic technology ,GEIO’s AI mode allows him to fight with human .it is capable to recognize robots ,identify and fire enemies .you can play the attack and defense mode with GEIO .this is the first time you can battle with a real robot.

Visual Recognition – With thousands of tests, the GEIO own the visual recognition machine learning. It can also recognize human’s face and interact with you.- Scan Totems – When GEIO finds any totem ,he will automatically scan it .by absorbing the magical power through scanning weapon totems ,an array of special power will be added to GEIO.

A Robot With Personslity Whatever we do ,we do it wholeheartedly ,our creation GEIO has also inherited this trait .with a one-of-a-kind personality and AI emotions ,GEIO will show you its feelings from curious ,grateful to melancholy.

Available at for $259