• Rides rail-to-rail…this is what makes the GoofBoard feel like surfing. Gloss-clear top coat scientifically provides super grip traction while showing off the bamboo’s natural beauty. No grit, no dirt attracting foam. Cleans up with a damp cloth.
  • Gives the most surfing realistic ride compared to anything else out there. We guarantee it. Expertly engineered and it’s patented. Designed by and made in USA by California surfers.
  • Perfect for paddle board riders. Beginning surfers – practice pop-ups and get a head start. New “u-block” accessory provides gentle rocking motion to help get you started and build confidence and move to roller. The only brand that provides U-blocks.
  • Experienced surfers – GoofBoard riding will provide greater style fluidity with better strength, balance, and board control. At 44″ this is the longest balance board on the market (cross stepping!)
  • Roller made from sustainable recycled materials, strong and sturdy. Fun for the whole family, but as challenging as you want to take it. Made in USA.

Available at amazon.com for $179.00