Lightning / USB 3.1 2 in 1 microSD card reader
‧With a ADAM Plate. You could place your iKlips Wizard on your iPhion.
‧Magnetic cap designed helps to store the cable and as cell phone stand.
‧High quality durable leather braided flat cable.
‧microSD card reader, support up to 256GB.
‧Apple MFi certified(Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod).
‧Multiple file format, 4K Video & ex-FAT support.
‧Record 4K video and shoot high quality raw photos directly to iKlips miReader 4K, bypassing the iPhone or iPad internal memory.
‧Together with the iKlips app.
‧Passcode Touch ID support, the world’s first iKlips app for macOS and Windows to let you easily lock/unlock files in any platform you prefer.
‧Backup, view, transfer, capture & manage all your photos, music, videos, documents directly from iKlips Wizard.

Available at for $158.71