Light up your john as bright as your Christmas tree with an IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light. Clark Griswold-approved, the IllumiBowl gives you: A) an alternative to blasting your eyes with the overhead light in the bathroom at night; B) a fun way to help potty train your kids; and C) a better chance of not whizzing on the side of the bowl, the floor, or your bare foot. It can also makes your Porcelain God look like the Porcelain God of the North Pole.

The IllumiBowl apparatus is a palm-sized device that suction cups to the outside rim of your bowl, and then directs its LED color-changing magic inside. The light is motion-activated, so it turns on and off automatically, and each IllumiBowl has 8 light colors, plus a few patterned illuminations to choose from. The pack requires 3 x AAA batteries for operation.

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Available at for $22.99