If you’re looking to stab someone in the back, knife them in the heart, or just royally screw them over, Microtech’s MCT1057 Jagdkommando fixed blade knife is the definitive way to do it. A version of the manufacturer’s Marfione custom knife, this Jagdkommando is part of a limited production run, and each piece has the batch’s serial number, 178, etched into its handle and sheath. The menacing, twisted blade is grooved, triple-edged, and forged from 440A stainless steel. Handles are hollow to accommodate small survival articles/craft circle goodies, such as fishing wire, thread, and needles. Though there is no mention of it in the listing, given the $750 price tag, I am presuming this particular Jagdkommando can also summon its eponymous Austrian Armed Forces’ Special Operations group, part seas, and flawlessly execute the Avada Kedavra Curse.

All of the edition’s knives come in the color Bead Blast. Blades measure 7″, and top-to-bottom length is 13 1/4″, including the lanyard hole. Jagdkommando’s sheath is 6061-T6 aircraft grade black aluminum in a waffle design. Weight is approximately 1 pound, 5.6 ounces.

Available at amazon.com for $774.94