Kano DIY Computer Kit – Learn To Code

Empower your kid, yourself, your grandma, maybe even your cat/dog/lizard/etc to easily teach themselves how to code and operate a computer with the Kano Computer Kit. It’s so intuitive and well thought out that the only requirement is knowing how to read. That’s it!

We’re all well aware that just about anyone, especially kids, are stimulated and get hooked on learning something when it’s fun, simple to follow and understand, and gives positive feedback. This is exactly what the Kano DIY Computer Kit does.

All you have to do is assemble it, hook it up to a monitor, or the Kano Screen Kit, and you’re good to go.

The Kano Computer Kit is powered by a Raspberry Pi 3, features a unique operating system ( Kano OS ) is open-source, and it’s designed to take the user on a step-by-step journey on understanding the inner workings of a PC and teach them computational thinking.

The user is challenged to slowly level up through the challenges provided, and they’ll learn practical skills like learning to code in Python for app development, Javascript for web apps and games, and Terminal commands to operate computers faster.

Soon enough, with this little device, your child will not have a solid foundation in operating computers, but will possibly be more proficient with real coding and the shell than many adult coders/sysadmins!

But wait! That is not all this computer kit does. Apart from teaching your kids these practical computer skills, the Kano Computer Kit takes it even further.

Not only does it provide a solid understanding of computers and the essentials of programming, but it with these skills they enable the user to create apps, games, music and art.

Most importantly, they’ll gain the knowledge to hack some popular games. They’ll learn how to change the rules by hacking and taking control of Minecraft, Pong and Snake – thus learning early on how to play with technology as they would with building blocks!



Available at amazon.com for $149.00