Breaking into the demanding Japanese market, especially when it comes to candy, is tough. Yet it seems that Nestle’s Kit Kat has found a way: go for the original and the local, i.e. take established Japanese flavors like matcha green tea and make new versions of the famous sweet snack. The result is the popular Kit Kat Mini Matcha. It doesn’t take more than one bite of this delicious chocolate biscuit snack to see that this is a, well, match made in heaven.

The slogan for the Kit Kat Mini Matcha is “sweetness for adults.” The idea here is that Kyoto Uji matcha’s natural bitterness balances the chocolate. This isn’t your standard chocolate that will make your teeth heart, but a sophisticated combination that will really standout as an unusual (and very Japanese) dessert or snack. This pack has two bags of 13 Kit Kat Mini pieces each, so you aren’t going to run out soon!

The Kit Kat Mini Matcha features:

  • Pack of 2 bags (13 Kit Kat Mini pieces each)
  • Kyoto Ujicha (Uji matcha green tea) flavor
  • Chocolate coating ingredients: vegetable fat, sugar, lactose, powdered milk, cocoa butter
  • Biscuit ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, shortening, salt, matcha tea paste, cocoa powder, yeast, emulsifier, baking soda

Available at for $24.99