Modern, industrial, functional, and Black. Knork’s set of matte black flatware brings the company’s combo cutlery concept to the Dark Side.

As its name suggests, the combo utensil helps you pierce and slice your food with a single hand and a simple rocking motion. But rather than adding a blade to edges of forks, Knork bevels their outer tines to create a cutting surface that works, but isn’t sharp. And instead of sawing through meats and casseroles, the Knorks’ finger platform allows users to comfortably wiggle the utensil back and forth to cut off their bites.

Each 5-piece Knork Matte Black flatware set comes with a stainless steel, black titanium-coated teaspoon, tablespoon, diner knife, and the company’s namesake salad Knork and dinner Knork.

Available at for $37.56