Founded by the father of Lily and River, with the goal to create quality, smart solutions for his children and yours. Products for little ones around the world are built everyday at the Lily & River factory, located in sunny Phoenix, AZ (USA).

Little Climber is designed, manufactured, and fulfilled in the USA at the Lily & River furniture factory located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Little Climber – the smart children’s climbing solution, inspired by the classic Pikler Triangle. Little Climber is used daily by thousands world-wide and most notably recommended within the Montessori, RIE, and Waldorf communities as the #1 climbing solution for littles under 4 years old. It was created to benefit a wide range of age groups including: infant, baby, toddler, 1 year, 2 year, and 3+ year old children.

Little Climber assists in children’s mental and physical growth including: Creative thinking, problem solving, muscle growth, motor skill development, sensory development, self-confidence training, and child independence introduction.

Little Climber is immediately responsive and offers a modular design that grows with children from the early stages of crawling through 1st grade. The design features simple to understand mechanics and folds flat for easy storage (within closet, under bed, etc.). Every Little Climber comes standard with a reversible Accessory, containing a slide/ramp on side one and a the choice of a rockwall or ladder on side 2.

Little Climber is a premium furniture piece built from aesthetically pleasing and highly durable Premium Natural Bamboo, Birch Hardwood, and Stainless Steel Allen Head Type hardware. The entire product is treated for outside and inside use and coated with non-toxic, low voc sealants. Little Climber is flat packed in professionally branded retail packaging and ships globally within 1 to 3 business days from the order date.

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