Luci Pro: Outdoor 2.0 effortlessly combines versatility and durability to make every adventure epic. Set it in direct sunlight for 14 hours or charge via the two-way USB port in 2-3 hours and Luci Pro: Outdoor 2.0 lasts up to 50 hours on a single charge

With 10 cool white LEDs, Luci Pro: Outdoor 2.0 is a clean, reliable source of light with mobile charging that will let you go further than ever before

4 modes for any need: low, medium, high, 1 second flashing

USB port for two-way charging (two-way USB cord included)

Perfect for camping, hiking, kayaking, boating, fishing, emergency kits, travel and as a unique gift

Weighs less than most mobile phones at 5.5 oz / 156 g

Luci Pro Outdoor 2.0 is ideal for any emergency situation, especially when the unexpected happens. Rechargeable, durable, and waterproof (rated IP67), Luci Pro Outdoor 2.0 can be used as a tool for both first responders and those directly impacted.

Available at for $34.95