• The perfect beginner wet shave kit for anyone who wants to start turning their shaving routine into a ritual.
  • Take care of your face! It’s the first thing people see when they meet you! Shave like our studly dads used to!
  • This kit includes our Hawk razor that utilizes the butterfly opening head for easy insertion of your blades. Say good bye to razor burn, tug, and accidental knicks you would normally get shaving with a several blade cartridge razor!
  • The Instigatuh is made with pure badger hair giving you the best quality shave with best quality products. Our beautiful mugs need something soft and superior for the prep phase.
  • The Game Changer is our organic shave soap. All the goods needed to promote great skin and a close shave.
  • Researching our ingredients will show you that we are passionte about what we use for your skin. Nothing but the best for our moneymakers.
  • This awesome kit includes 1 x Hawk Razor, 1 x badger hair brush, 1 x organic shave bar, 5 x premium blades, and a stand for your razor

Available at amazon.com for $45