It’s a screw cam! No, not that kind…well. What you use it for is up to you, I guess. But I’m calling it a screw cam because this miniature CCTV camera looks like the piece of hardware–a simple screw just minding its own business. If you’re crafty, no one will ever notice it tucked into a bookshelf or mounted to an overhead light fixture. No one will ever notice that through the threads of this screw lies the eye of a 600TVL definition video and still photo camera maker Corprit says delivers high quality images both during the day and at night.

The CCTV screw cam has a 3-pin cable with power, video, and audio ports; you’ll need to supply your own power adapter and monitor. Measurements are 14mm long x 14mm wide x 19 mm high.

Available at for $49.99