The NBA Basketball Lounge Chair is a great conversation piece that will make any sports fan and design enthusiast feel at home. It’s the perfect balance of function, form, and style for reception areas or bars where people love to hang out together.

If you are looking for a chair that represents the spirit of sportsmanship and looks great in bars, reception areas, or games rooms then look no further than this quirky yet stylish basketball-shaped lounge chair. The NBA Basketball Lounge Chair is hand-made by master craftsmen using only the finest materials to create an elegant design perfect for any space – whether it’s your home office or favorite pub!

The NBA Basketball lounge chair comes with a matching footstool and is part of the collection that includes different ball shapes in various sizes. The rotating base allows for comfortable viewing from any angle, whether you’re lounging or playing games on your tablet! Choose between two levels to find one best-suited to you: 90 cm (seat height 40cm) or 80 cm (seat height 30cm).

The basketball lounge chair is a perfect spot to curl up and watch the game, eat some snacks, or just relax because of its ergonomic design.

Available at for $3716.94