Sorry, night vision driving glasses won’t help you cruise around in the pitch black all stealthy like a Navy SEAL. In fact, these yellow tint lenses aren’t meant for predominantly dark conditions at all. They’re for reducing glare, enhancing clarity, and evening out contrast when the darkness gets mashed together with the extra bright. Like when some jackhole is coming at you with thousand-lumen low beams. When you’re hit with unexpected reflections. When you’re driving down flashy streets, or off into the sunset.

Blupond, which sells several models of their HD Clarity & Safety glasses, uses a 7-layer composite system to create these anti-glare, blue light polarization Knight Visors. When bright light infiltrates the yellow lenses, their job is to cut and diffuse the light so it doesn’t make you squint and wince, or cause distraction. The effect is also intended to present a more vivid and pleasant view of your surroundings.

The night vision glasses comply with UV400 sunglasses standards, so you can wear them in daylight too if you want.

Knight Visors have a metal frame and reinforced hinges to secure their polycarbonate shatterproof lenses. Lenses are also treated with a protective coating. The total weight you’ll have to add to your face to achieve night vision is just 1.2 ounces.

Available at for $24.02 - $28.97