These hands-free night vision goggles mean surveillance, after-dark expeditions, and finding the perfect bush to pee on in the middle of the night aren’t just possible, they’re on like Donkey Kong!

Whether stealthiness or simply seeing 20 feet in front of you is your mission, Wanney’s night vision goggles can aid in completing it with infrared LED illumination. LEDs are adjustable, from a barely-visible ring of red around the eyepiece to keep you inconspicuous as you view objects immediately in front of you, to full IR force, and a vision field that spans up to 100m in pitch blackness.

Night vision goggles have a soft headpiece with adjustable straps for comfort. Their rechargeable battery lasts for around 1-1/2 hours during continuous use, or 6 hours when used on and off.

Available at for $599