But…but…where does all the drippy cheese from a grilled cheese made vertically in a grilled cheese toaster go? I love this as a lazy man’s means of making a hot sandwich, but if it leads to pools of burnt cheddar and times 10 the cleanup, why not just use the toaster oven?

When it comes down to it, Nostalgia’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich Toaster is probably more of a…I’ll say it…cheesy gift for the office or a white elephant party than a useful new kitchen gadget. But Nostalgia has already released a hot dog toaster and a Bacon Toaster.

If you really want to use your toaster to make grilled cheese, or grilled anything, sandwiches, I’d recommend these sweet, mess-free Toastabags.

But if you’re a Nostalgia diehard, here’s the rundown. The Grilled Cheese Sandwich Toaster has slots and holstering baskets for making 2 sandwiches at a time. You can set your preferred toastiness setting, as well as select preheat and defrost functions. Feel free to throw some ham, turkey, or pickles between your slices of dairy pre-toasting too.

Available at amzn.com for $19.99