• Wattage: below 5w
  • Brightness: 3.2 – 21LM
  • Light color: 7 Colors(2700-3000K)
  • Material: Metal + Acrylic
  • How It Works: This impressive 3D night light lamp has been crafted from a flat (3 mm) acrylic glass plate with a
  • 2D laser engraved image of NFL Helmet on its surface. Once the flat plate is inserted into the round lamp base, the 9 LED diodes at the bottom of the lamp base distribute the light in a way that creates a spectacular 3D effect.
  • The top section simply works by reflecting light and illuminating etched lines within the surface, plus it can be easily removed, and replaced with a new design to suit your mood or room. The light is soft and low heat,perfect for displaying in your room, pub, club, restaurant, and anywhere you like.

Available at amazon.com for $9.99