How many times have you been stranded in the forest while trapped under a tree with the only thing that could save you was if you had a few feet of paracord so you could fashion a lasso, wrap it around a tree branch and pull yourself to safety? Probably not often, but when it does finally happen (and it will), you’re going to wish you had one of these┬áparacord survival grenades.

  • BE READY when you have your ultimate 48 pieces survival kit
  • Lifetime Guarantee- All of Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival’s Gear comes with a money back guarantee!
  • SURVIVE- Stuffed with emegerncy life saving tools
  • Quality- only the best tools and craftsmen are used
  • Impressive- when your friends and family see your paracord grenade they will wish they had one!

Available at for $69.99