Get all 4 of Faux Real’s Face (of Someone Else) Masks to swap out throughout the night at this year’s Halloween party and kill it as Arya Stark or Jaqen H’gar, or maybe just a generic Faceless Man.

I mean that figuratively. No killing with someones else’s face on, please. Or your own. My mama always said the best revenge you can get is to live well.

The Faux Real Face Masks don’t depict anyone famous (though one looks like a lot like Sylar from Heroes) but will still weird people out with their detailed printed likenesses of an old man, an old lady, a hipster dude, and a crazy MF. Masks are made of a polyester / spandex blend, so, like yoga pants, they will hug your every curve for a contoured fit and hyperrealistic look.

Faux Real says other people’s faces are real real comfortable to wear, and their fabric lets your skin breathe and wicks away moisture.

Available at for 9.99