• Forced air heat and UV sterilization quickly removes moisture to help prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria that cause odors and deteriorates footwear over time
  • 200W high power,107-degrees (42-Degrees C) to dry most items in 2 hours. 107 (℉) constant temperature will not harm delicate garments and custom fit liners.
  • Safe to use with over heating protection. It can shut off automatically on a 120-minute timer.
  • It collapses and doesnt take up much space. Folding feature makes it portable which is a plus for traveling. This will be great for beach trips and hiking!
  • Timing Function, you can control the time no matter how long do you want(under 2 hours), more convenient and portable and easy to use, save power and money.

Available at amazon.com for $70.32