The Riser Collapsible Shelf Inserts are the perfect accessory to add to any piece of your luggage. One Riser will fit in a carry-on bag and two of the Risers will fit in a full-size suitcase. Our new Risers also are fully compatible to fit inside our Slider and Glider rolling carry-on models as well. These collapsible shelf inserts feature our innovative laundry compartment to keep dirty clothes separate from clean ones and an integrated shoe and toiletry pocket. Each shelf can hold up to 20lbs, so you never have to worry about over loading it. The hooks are made of high-strength steel and are adjustable so that you can raise or lower the height of the bag depending on your needs. Riser Collapsible Shelf Inserts are equipped to hang in a closet or on almost any door. The Riser will revolutionize the way you travel!

Available at for $39.95