PERFECT DECOR – Need to light up the entranceway to your house or create lovely subtle lighting for the garden? ABCO solar Power Waterdrop string lights provide an enchanting and easy way to decorate any place – may it be your garden, patio, lawn, or indoor spaces. Not only for casual decorations but these are also ideal for Valentine’s Day, Christmas Party, Wedding decor, or any other special occasions.

SUPER EFFICIENT – The solar panel allows you to charge the built-in rechargeable battery during daytime, and helps power the LEDs without the need of any other power source. This in turn saves on your utility bills and eliminates the need to lay down any other wiring. The solar panel can be adjusted to make best of varying intensity of the sunlight through different geographies, weather conditions and shift of seasons. Our solar power Waterdrop String light is also WATERPROOF & HEATPROOF.

EASY TO USE – Our Waterdrop String light can be easily installed by anyone. The string comes with multi color bulbs and dual function switch – Static (continuous on) and Flashing mode. This 20 feet long string spread over 30 LEDs can take the shape and order of your choice. Just place it at desired location and let it flash sparkles. It also comes with a remote solar panel with 2 meter long cable and 20 cm garden spike – enables positioning for maximum efficiency.

HIGH QUALITY – Discover the future of lighting decorations with our waterdrop solar string lights. These solar-powered lights offer just the right amount of illumination for outdoor spaces, with no electricity and zero running cost. The rechargeable battery is durable and long lasting. This provides a longer turn over with super long working time. They are also environment-friendly with high energy conversion rate, creating a beautiful ambience for your celebrations.

Available at for $122.00