• TESPO VITAMIN DISPENSER GEN 1.5 – The improved Tespo Dispenser provides a better way to take vitamins on your home countertop. In the box, you’ll get: 1 Dispenser, 1 Cup, 1 Power cord, and 1 Tespo-Go for taking your vitamins on-the-go. Tespo Pods sold separately.
  • DIFFICULTY SWALLOWING PILLS, CAPSULES, OR TABLETS? No problem. Tespo is a delicious liquid nutritional supplement as liquid offers better absorption than pills anyway.
  • NO GUMMY BEAR VITAMIN CANDY HERE – Tespo Pods Zero GMOs, zero sugar, zero net carbs, zero calories, zero preservatives. Tespo contains premium ingredients along with citric acid, organic stevia extract, and natural orange flavoring.
  • VITAMIN DISPENSER ORGANIZER – The Tespo Dispenser will help you break away from swallowing vitamin pills and organize your daily routine. The whole family can store away up to 3 Pods in the same dispenser and use when needed.
  • TESPO VITAMIN PODS NOT INCLUDED – Tespo offers a wide variety of Pods to use with the Tespo Dispenser. Multivitamins Pods for Children, Men, Women, Sleep Aid, Caffeine and Energy, Focus with Eye Health Support, Bariatric Vitamins, Menopause Relief, Hair, Skin and Nails.

Available at amazon.com for $114.99