The Magic Weighted Blanket uses a therapeutic approach similar to the Gravity Blanket we saw here last month, with a couple of key differences: 1) The Magic Weighted Blanket is made of baby-bunny-soft chenille and sold in more sizes and styles; and 2) The Magic Weighted Blanket is not seeking crowdfunding. It’s seeking to sell and ship you one right now*.

Calling itself “The blanket that hugs you back,” the Magic Weighted Blanket is filled with poly pellets to add a level of pressure when we wrap up in it that our brains often associate with comfort and security. Weighted blankets got their start amongst people with conditions such as sensory integration disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, and Rett Syndrome. But they can be beneficial to a much wider range of people, with some finding the added weight helps them sleep, and others covering up to calm down, relieve anxiety, or meditate.

Magic Weighted Blankets come in sizes ranging from 24″ x 30″ to 54″ x 78″ and weights from 4 pounds to 24 pounds.

*Magic Weighted Blankets do take anywhere from 5 to 14 days to make. They’re sewn in the US with no visible seams, and, in addition to the outer chenille layer, have an inner cotton layer with quilted squares that confine batches of the poly pellets to maintain even distribution, and add to the Magic! of your weighted blanket.

Available at for $107.85 - $267.85