This clock resembles to a turbine of an aeroplane.The outer rim and the central disc fixes the 60 blades where each blade is twisted along its length: at the outer rim blades are parallel to the dial surface, while in the middle they turn to be perpendicular – this gives a exciting shading effect, the wall behind the clock peeps out between blades around the central disk. On the outer rim blades are fixed with short steel pins, these are visible like stylish screws along the perimeter.

– Raw material: 2 layers of ¼” thick birch plywood boards and 0.8mm polypropylene (plastic) sheet were used

– Manufacturing process: the central disk and the 2 layers of the outer rim are laser cut from a 6mm birch plywood board, the blades were cut from the PP sheet. The wooden parts are manually polished but left untreated. The clock is manually assembled.

– The movement: is silent (non-ticking), second hand sweeps around. It runs with 1pc. AA type 1.5V battery (not included in the package). The white hands are made of metal.

– Dimensions:

  • diameter: 16″
  • depth: 1¾”
  • weight: 1.5lb

Available at for $149.00