Use as A Set: 4 pieces snacks storage, excellent serving solution for: dry fruits, nuts,chips, olives,fruit and any more snacks, perfect for any home coming , parties and gathering.

Handmade Design: Made of natural materials. Do not contain lead. Handmade decorative bowl with traditional Turkish style. Turkish handicrafting has been used for centuries in all areas of our lives. Special Motifs in home decoration, clothes, and even on the walls of our houses and palaces. So this ceramic hand-paint is one of the turkish handicrafts.

Diameters : ; 4”(10cm), Height; 2”(5cm). Usage; It is suitable for hand washing. Do not wash it in the dishwasher.

Convenient and Versatile: You can use these little handmade pottery bowls on your breakfeast table with colour presentations or at special parties for snacks or others. or you can use as home Decoration on your tables.

Elegant & Beautiful Colour:This snack nuts plate is made of high quality material, smooth glaze, classic beautiful flowers pattern, palace style, use as a nice decoration on your tabletop or your rooms.

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