When out camping, hiking, or just lost and stranded in the middle of the wilderness, it’s always better when you can eat a hot meal! But when you lack the ability to make a fire, or perhaps all your wood is wet, you just can’t seem to eat that hot meal after all! This unique silicone cooker called Yabul lets you cook a hot meal no matter where you are, or whether or not you have a fire, fuel, or power source.

HEAT FOOD ANYWHERE – With the innovative worlds first silicone flameless cooker enjoy food anytime anywhere without a fire or other heat source

LIGHT, COMPACT AND PORTABLE – When not in use simply fold in sidewalls, roll up towards handle, latch to the pressure cap and store away

EASY TO USE – Five easy steps – Put in heating pack, place zipper bag food on heating pack, lock lid, open side to add water, securely lock all sides of the cover and wait 10-15 minutes

RESOURCEFUL – Yabul Cook comes in handy in many situations. Bring camping, fishing, sports and outdoor activities, jobsite, disaster situations

ECO-FRIENDLY – Made with BPA free silicone Yabul Cook is food safe and can withstand high temperatures. With no need for a fire helps reduces air pollution while cooking

Available at amazon.com for $39.89