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Review: Pawtong 12oz Vacuum Food Jar – Keeping Meals Hot & Cold on the Go

Are you tired of cold sandwiches and lukewarm soups for lunch? Look no further than the Pawtong 12oz Vacuum Food Jar. This sleek and stylish container has become an essential part of our on-the-go routine. Whether we’re heading to work or hitting the trails, this jar keeps our meals hot or cold for hours on end. The wide mouth makes it easy to fill and clean, while the leakproof buckle lid gives us peace of mind knowing our food won’t spill in our bags. The stainless steel construction is durable and easy to wipe down, perfect for our busy lifestyles. Say goodbye to sad lunches and hello to delicious, piping hot meals with the Pawtong Food Jar.

Hey there, foodies! Today, ⁢we’re excited‍ to share our experience⁢ with the Pawtong 12oz Insulated⁢ Vacuum Food Jar. This sleek black‌ lunch container is perfect for keeping your hot ​meals⁣ piping hot and your cold treats refreshingly ⁣cold.‍ With its ‍100% ⁣leak-proof design and ‌convenient buckle lid,‍ this food jar is a must-have for on-the-go ⁤eating. Join us as we dive‍ into the details of this⁣ handy lunch‌ companion and discover why it deserves a spot in ‌your culinary ‍arsenal. Let’s get started!

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We are thrilled to introduce‌ the Pawtong 12oz Insulated Vacuum​ Food Jar! This leakproof stainless steel ​lunch​ container is‌ a game-changer‍ for keeping ​your food hot or cold on the go. With its 100%‌ leakproof seal​ and wide mouth design,⁤ this food thermo is not only practical but also​ easy to ‌clean. The 12oz capacity is perfect for kids’ meals, making⁣ it⁣ ideal for school,​ picnics, ⁣or work.

The buckle⁣ structure lid of this soup thermo ⁣is designed for ‍convenience, allowing easy access for children. The‌ insulated⁤ 18/8 stainless steel ​interior with vacuum seal ensures that your meals stay warm ‍or cool ⁢for over 5 hours. ‌With our use tips and​ notes, ⁢you’ll get⁤ the most out of ‍this lunch ‍container by preheating⁤ or ⁢precooling before use. Upgrade your food storage game with the Pawtong Food Jar today!

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Key Features and‌ Benefits

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The Pawtong ‌12oz Insulated ⁢Vacuum⁣ Food Jar with Buckle Lid is⁤ designed with a ⁤100% leak-proof thick silicone gasket,‍ providing peace of mind ⁢when tossing⁢ it into your bag. The wide mouth design makes it effortless to clean, while the insulated 18/8 ‌stainless steel interior with vacuum⁣ seal keeps meals warm or cool for over ⁢5 hours. With a capacity of 12oz, ⁢this lunch container is perfect for home, work, or picnics, ensuring your food stays at the ideal temperature until you’re‌ ready ⁤to enjoy it.

Upgraded to ⁣a 12oz capacity, this soup thermo⁣ allows for more food‌ for children. The double-wall construction ‌with a vacuum layer provides⁢ excellent insulation, and the buckle structure lid⁢ is user-friendly,⁣ easy for children to open with a simple pull⁣ of the handle. For optimal performance, it is⁢ recommended to preheat/precool with ⁣hot water/ice water for 5-10 minutes before ⁢adding food or soup. Don’t forget ‌to lift the top of the cover to ensure a ⁢secure fit when ⁣reassembling after cleaning. Upgrade your ⁢lunch game with the Pawtong Insulated Vacuum Food Jar and keep your ⁤meals hot ​or cold on the go. Check it out here!

In-depth Analysis and Performance

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When it comes to analyzing the Pawtong 12oz‍ Insulated⁤ Vacuum Food Jar, we were impressed with its‍ leak-proof design.⁢ The thick silicone gasket ensures that this food thermo is​ fully sealed, giving ‍us the ⁢peace of mind⁢ to toss it into our bag⁤ without worrying ⁢about any spills. The wide‍ mouth design not only⁢ makes it easy ⁢to clean but also enhances the overall user ⁤experience.

Furthermore, the insulation ​performance of ⁣this soup thermo truly stood‌ out ⁢during our testing. The insulated 18/8 ​stainless steel interior with vacuum⁤ seal kept ⁤our meals warm or‍ cool⁤ for over 5 hours, making it a⁤ perfect companion ​for on-the-go meals. With the upgraded 12oz capacity, we found that we could pack more food for ‍children, thanks to its double-wall design‌ and⁤ efficient heat retention properties. For⁣ optimal performance, we followed the recommended preheating/precooling⁤ steps and ensured proper reassembly⁣ of the buckle structure lid for a secure ⁢fit. For a reliable and convenient food ‍container, we highly recommend the Pawtong Insulated Vacuum Food Jar.

Our Verdict

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After​ thoroughly testing the ‌Pawtong​ 12oz Insulated Vacuum Food⁢ Jar with Buckle Lid, we are pleased to ⁤report that it ‌truly delivers on its promise of 100%‍ leak-proof‍ design.‍ The ‌thick silicone gasket ensures that you can confidently toss it in your bag without ⁣any ⁣worries of spills. Additionally, the wide​ mouth​ design makes ⁤it incredibly easy to clean,⁤ saving you time⁤ and effort.

We were impressed​ by​ the ​jar’s ability to keep food both warm⁣ and cold for over ⁣5 hours, thanks to the insulated stainless steel interior with vacuum⁤ seal. ⁣With a capacity⁤ of 12oz, this lunch container is⁣ perfect for kids’ meals on⁢ the go. The ⁣buckle structure lid‌ is not only secure but also ​easy to open, making it child-friendly. Overall, the Pawtong Food Jar ‍is a great investment for anyone looking for a reliable ‍and practical solution ​for keeping food fresh ⁤and​ at the right temperature.

Customer‌ Reviews ​Analysis

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Customer Reviews​ Analysis

After⁣ analyzing ‍the customer reviews for‍ the Pawtong 12oz Vacuum Food Jar, we ⁣found a ‌mix of positive and negative feedback from ‌users.

Positive Reviews

Review Rating
Love the design and the easy‍ hinge opening.​ Food stays hot and is easy to clean. Exactly what I was⁤ looking for wish it can in bento box style 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Great⁢ for kids. ‍Have ⁣3 grandchildren. Needed 3 of these.⁤ Every one‍ of these thermos ⁤products are consistent ‌in quality and performance. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Got this because my⁤ kiddo couldn’t open the ‍twist too. This​ works great 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Bought it for my son ⁤for ‍his school lunch and ​he loved the design. It came small⁢ but enough for ​his lunch or‍ snacks. 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Negative Reviews

Review Rating
It doesn’t matter about the size or the​ seal ⁣or‌ anythingThe ‍point here is it does NOT keep​ food warm….let alone hot.I made boiling water oatmeal and it was barely warm an hour later.What a crappy productI should have spent.the extra $10 and got.the $30 thermos⁤ brand.Learn ‌from‍ me.Don’t buy it. Go to thermos. 🌟
The overall quality is good. ⁣It is ⁣easy to ⁤open and close and​ does not leak.​ But, it did not⁣ keep​ my‌ food hot.⁣ After‍ 4 1/2 hours, the food was merely ⁤warm. 🌟🌟🌟
My 12 year old daughter has been wanting ⁢something to ⁤bring⁤ warm lunch for a ⁢while now. I’m ⁤very glad I decided to buy this product. ​It ‌is a nice ⁣size,⁢ a ⁣nice‌ color, and it’s easy to open and close. I⁣ see some complaints about⁤ a dishwasher⁢ but ⁤honestly, I wouldn’t even put the top in the dishwasher in the first place. She says by lunchtime her food ⁣is still warm. We heat ⁣it ⁤up in the morning⁤ before she⁣ leaves. 🌟🌟🌟🌟
I use it for my daughter’s lunches and‍ by the time its lunch time she says the food is always ​on a colder side, more like very ​little warm room temperature like ‌rather than warm. Other than that, it’s a very nice design, the size is ‍great and the wide opening⁣ makes it easy to eat⁣ right ​out of it.⁤ The lid is ‌very nice, it comes⁣ with easy snap on‌ top⁤ that seals the thermos. If only it​ could retain temperature ‌for a little linger than it​ does,⁢ it would make an amazing⁤ product for kids lunches. 🌟🌟🌟

Overall, the Pawtong⁢ 12oz Vacuum Food Jar received mixed reviews with some users praising ​its design, ease⁣ of ⁤use, and ability to ‍keep food ⁤hot,‌ while others were disappointed with its performance in retaining heat for an extended period of time. We⁣ recommend considering your specific ‌needs and expectations before purchasing this product.

Pros ‌& ⁣Cons

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Pros &​ Cons


  • Leakproof ⁣design with​ thick silicone gasket
  • Keeps⁣ food warm or‌ cold for 5+ hours
  • Easy to clean with wide mouth design
  • Upgrade to​ 12oz capacity‍ for more food
  • User-friendly buckle ⁤structure lid


  • Must preheat/precool with hot water/ice water‌ for optimal temperature retention
  • Cover may need adjustment after cleaning to ensure proper sealing


Q: How long does the Pawtong ​12oz Vacuum Food Jar keep food warm or cold?

A: The insulated stainless steel interior with vacuum ⁢seal can keep ⁣food warm or cold for 5+ ​hours. ‍

Q: Is the Pawtong ⁣12oz Vacuum Food⁣ Jar leakproof?

A: Yes, the food ⁣thermo comes with​ a thick silicone gasket and is⁢ fully‍ sealed,⁢ making it⁢ 100% leakproof.

Q: How do you clean the Pawtong 12oz ⁢Vacuum Food Jar?

A: The wide mouth design⁢ makes it easy ⁣to clean. ⁢Simply disassemble the cover for cleaning and be sure to lift the top of the cover ⁢before ⁤reinstalling it to ensure a firm fit. ⁤

Q: Is the Pawtong​ 12oz Vacuum Food Jar ⁢suitable for kids?

A: Yes, the⁤ food container is designed‌ with⁤ a press-seal structure and an easy-to-use buckle lid that is friendly for children.⁤

Q: Can the ​Pawtong 12oz Vacuum Food Jar hold​ enough food for a​ child?

A: The 12oz capacity is great for ‍holding meals for​ children and ⁣the wide mouth design makes it easy to clean and fill.

Q: Can the Pawtong 12oz⁢ Vacuum Food Jar‌ be used for picnics or outdoor activities?

A: ​Yes, ​the small size and light ⁢weight make it suitable for home, work, picnics, or any other outdoor activities ⁣where ‍you want to keep your food warm or ⁤cold.

Embrace a ⁣New Era

In conclusion, the‍ Pawtong⁢ 12oz Insulated Vacuum‍ Food ⁢Jar has proven to be a reliable​ and convenient option for ⁤keeping meals⁤ hot or cold on the go.⁣ With its⁤ leak-proof design, easy-to-clean wide ⁢mouth, and 12oz capacity, it is perfect for ⁣children’s meals‌ at home, school, ⁣or on‍ picnics. Remember to follow our tips and notes for ‌optimal insulation performance!

If you’re interested in purchasing the Pawtong 12oz ‌Vacuum Food Jar for yourself or your little ‍ones,‍ click here ⁢to buy ‍now: Purchase Here!

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