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Top Review: CBB60 Operating Capacitor 60uF 300V AC Replacement Part

Top Review: CBB60 Operating Capacitor 60uF 300V AC Replacement Part

We recently had the opportunity to test out the CBB60 Operating Capacitor 60uF 300V AC replacement part and we were truly impressed with its performance. This cylinder-shaped capacitor proved to be a reliable and efficient component for our motor blower, air compressor, and air conditioner compressor. The 2-wire design made installation a breeze, and we were pleased to find that it operated smoothly at both 50/60Hz. Its compact size of 41x94mm allowed for easy integration into our system without taking up too much space. Overall, we highly recommend this CBB60 Operating Capacitor as a top choice for anyone in need of a quality replacement part for their equipment.

If you’re in the market for a reliable and ‍efficient operating capacitor for your motor blower, air compressor, or air conditioner compressor, look no further than the⁤ CBB60 Operating ‍Capacitor 60uF 300V AC. We ⁢recently had the opportunity ⁣to ⁤test out ‌this 2-wire ⁢capacitor, and we were thoroughly impressed by‌ its performance and durability.

With a capacitance rating of 60uF and a voltage rating of 300V⁢ AC, this⁢ capacitor is designed to provide stable and consistent power to your motor blower or compressor. ⁢The cylindrical shape of​ the capacitor, measuring 41x94mm, ensures a compact ‍and space-saving design that is perfect for various applications.

Not ‍only does⁢ this capacitor boast excellent electrical⁤ performance and low energy consumption, but it also ​features a ​pressure-relief explosion-proof device ​for ⁣added safety. We found that this⁣ capacitor worked​ seamlessly with our AC motors,‌ helping ⁢them ​run smoothly ⁣and efficiently.

Overall, ⁤we were very pleased with the CBB60 Operating Capacitor ⁢60uF ‍300V AC and would ​highly recommend it as a replacement part for your motor blower or⁤ compressor. Stay tuned ⁣for our full review to learn more about our experience with this top-notch capacitor.

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When it comes to ensuring the ⁣smooth​ operation of motor⁢ blowers, air compressors, and ⁣air conditioner compressors, the CBB60 Operating Capacitor shines as a​ reliable and ⁤efficient replacement part. Boasting a rated capacitance of 60uF ⁣with a 5% tolerance and⁤ a⁤ voltage of 300/250VAC, this capacitor ⁤is designed to deliver⁤ optimal performance‍ in‍ a variety of applications. The ​compact⁤ cylindrical aluminum⁣ shell not‍ only ‍enhances the capacitor’s durability but also allows for easy installation due to its small ⁣size and lightweight design.

Manufactured by Yanchengshiyataidianrongqichang, this capacitor undergoes strict ⁢quality control​ measures‌ to ensure its stability and⁢ performance. The pressure-type explosion-proof ⁣device within the‍ capacitor adds an​ extra layer of ⁤safety, making it a dependable choice for⁢ pairing ⁤with‌ AC single-phase motors. With excellent ⁢electrical ‌properties, low loss, and good self-healing⁤ characteristics, the CBB60‌ Operating Capacitor is a vital‍ component that aids in the ⁤smooth operation of motors, making‍ it‌ a valuable investment ⁣for any maintenance or repair needs.

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Key Features and Benefits

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Our CBB60 Operating Capacitor offers a range of that make it a reliable replacement part for ‍motor blowers, air compressors, and air conditioner compressors. Made ⁢of polypropylene film, this capacitor has a capacitance of 60uF ​with a tolerance of 5%. It operates at a ⁢voltage of 300/250VAC and⁣ a ⁢frequency of 50/60Hz,‍ fitting perfectly into ‌a 41x94mm cylinder with a compact design⁤ for easy installation.⁤ The‌ double-wire design with a 12cm length provides flexibility in various setups, making it a versatile choice for different applications.⁣ Additionally, the cylindrical aluminum outer shell not only ensures durability but also enhances the capacitor’s electrical performance ⁢with low losses and excellent self-healing ⁢properties.

The stable performance ⁤of our CBB60 Operating Capacitor is further enhanced by its pressure-type explosion-proof⁣ device, guaranteeing safe and efficient operation when paired with single-phase AC motors. This capacitor is ‍meticulously manufactured by⁤ Yanchengshiyataidianrongqichang, a reputable brand known for selecting high-quality materials and‍ conducting rigorous testing processes. Designed to support customization, our ‍capacitor is an⁤ ideal‍ choice for those seeking⁢ a reliable ⁤and long-lasting⁣ solution for their motor equipment. Upgrade your motor’s performance and ensure smooth operation by investing in our CBB60 Operating Capacitor today.

In-Depth Analysis

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Our of​ the CBB60 Operating Capacitor reveals a high-quality product with impressive specifications. Constructed ​with a⁢ cylindrical aluminum ⁣shell, this capacitor⁤ is not only compact and lightweight but‌ also ⁣offers excellent electrical​ performance with⁢ low losses and good self-healing characteristics. The pressure-type‍ explosion-proof device inside ensures stable⁢ performance,⁤ making it an⁢ ideal component for use⁢ with⁢ AC motors, ⁣aiding in smooth motor operation.

Manufactured by Yanchengshiyataidianrongqichang, this ⁢capacitor ⁣undergoes strict ‍inspection processes, ensuring⁢ top-notch quality control. With the⁢ option for customization, you can ⁤tailor ​this ⁢capacitor to meet your specific needs. Its compact design, lightweight construction, ​and outstanding electrical properties make it ‌a reliable and ⁢efficient‌ choice for motor blower, air compressor,‌ and air conditioner compressor ⁤replacement parts.

Recommendations and Conclusion

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After thoroughly testing the ‌CBB60 Operating Capacitor,⁢ we confidently recommend it for anyone in need of a reliable and efficient replacement part for their motor blower, ​air compressor, or‌ air conditioner compressor. The durable construction⁤ of this capacitor, housed in a​ cylindrical aluminum shell, ensures ​not only a ​compact and ‌lightweight⁣ design but also excellent electrical performance⁣ with minimal loss. Its self-healing properties, along with a pressure-type‌ explosion-proof device internally,⁢ guarantee stable and safe operation when paired with⁣ single-phase‍ AC motors.

Manufactured by Yanchengshiyataidianrongqichang, ​this operating‍ capacitor undergoes strict quality control measures, using carefully ​selected materials to⁤ ensure consistent and dependable ⁢performance. With a ⁣rated ‌capacitance of 60uF,‌ a voltage tolerance of ‌5%, and suitable for​ 50/60Hz frequencies, this ⁤capacitor is a versatile and trustworthy component. For those‌ looking to ‌optimize the efficiency ‍and longevity ⁣of their motor equipment, this capacitor‌ is an ideal choice to support ‌smooth​ motor operation.

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Customer Reviews⁣ Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing customer reviews for the CBB60 ​Operating Capacitor⁣ 60uF 300V ‍AC replacement part, we found ⁤that most users were highly satisfied with their purchase. ​Here ​is a ‍breakdown of the key points mentioned in the​ reviews:

Review Key Point
1 Use to replace capacitor in my grizzly wood⁢ splitter. Works perfect.
2 Used to repair an apple grinder with a 2 ​HP single phase⁢ motor that would not start.
3 Arrived fast and fit ‌my 5 ton⁤ log splitter perfectly. It was even the same⁤ brand as the‍ original capacitor.

Based on these ⁤reviews,⁤ it is evident that the CBB60 ⁣Operating⁢ Capacitor​ 60uF 300V AC​ replacement ‍part ⁣is a reliable and effective component for motor blower, air compressor, and air conditioner compressor replacement needs. Customers appreciated its⁤ compatibility, ​durability, and⁣ fast delivery. Overall, this product seems to be a top choice ⁤for those in need⁤ of a‌ high-quality replacement ⁤capacitor.

Pros ‍& Cons

Pros & ⁤Cons


Small and lightweight
Excellent electrical performance
Low power ​loss
Good self-healing properties
Stable performance
Pressure-type explosion-proof device
Can be customized
Supports AC motors


None reported⁣ so far

Overall, the CBB60 Operating Capacitor⁤ 60uF ‍300V AC Replacement Part⁢ seems to ⁢be a reliable ‌and efficient option for motor blower, air compressor, ⁤and⁤ air conditioner compressor replacements. ‌Its small size and lightweight design make ‍it ⁢easy to install, ⁣while its excellent ‍electrical performance ensures stable operation. The lack of reported cons indicates that this product⁣ delivers on its promises.


Q: What is the voltage rating for this capacitor?

A: The CBB60 Operating Capacitor has a voltage rating of 300V AC.

Q: ‍What is the capacitance rating for this capacitor?

A: This​ capacitor has ⁣a ⁣capacitance rating of 60uF.

Q:‌ What⁤ type of equipment can this capacitor be used for?

A: This operating capacitor is commonly used ⁤for ‍motor blower, ‌air compressor, and air conditioner compressor ​replacement ⁤parts.

Q: ⁣Is this capacitor compatible with both 50Hz and 60Hz ‍frequencies?

A: Yes, this capacitor​ is designed to work with both 50Hz and ‍60Hz​ frequencies.

Q: ⁢Does ⁤this⁢ capacitor come ⁢with a warranty?

A:​ We recommend ‌checking‍ with the ‍manufacturer for​ specific warranty information regarding‍ this product.

Q: ​Is this capacitor easy to install?

A: The CBB60 Operating Capacitor is relatively easy to install, ⁣but we always recommend seeking​ professional assistance if you are unsure about the installation process.

Q:‌ What are the‌ dimensions ​of this capacitor?

A: The dimensions of this capacitor are 41x94mm (1.968 inches x 3.74 inches).

Q: Where is this capacitor manufactured?

A: This capacitor is ⁢manufactured in China by Yanchengshiyataidianrongqichang.

Q:​ Can this capacitor be customized ⁣for ​specific requirements?

A:⁢ Yes, the manufacturer supports customizations for specific requirements. Contact them directly for more information.

Embrace⁤ a New Era

As ‌we wrap up our review of the CBB60 Operating⁣ Capacitor 60uF ⁤300V‌ AC Replacement Part, we ​can confidently say that this product is a reliable and efficient option for⁢ your motor⁣ blower, air compressor, or ⁢air conditioner compressor. With its small size,​ lightweight design, and excellent⁣ electrical performance, this capacitor is sure to help your motors run ‌smoothly.

If⁣ you’re in‌ need of ⁢a high-quality replacement ⁣part that offers stable performance and excellent self-healing characteristics, look no further than the CBB60 Operating Capacitor. Trust⁢ us, you won’t be ‌disappointed!

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Thank you for reading our review! Stay⁢ tuned for more in-depth​ product analyses and recommendations ⁢from us.

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